Happy new release today! 🥳

It’s been about two weeks since I’ve sent out a new beta release on TestFlight - which is a little bit longer than what I wanted 😉

This release first started out as a rework on OPML importing. I wanted to provide a new screen that showed the progress of the imports along with any errors that occured. Half way through I got discovered iOS 14 Widgets. After Widgets I discovered Shortcuts. After that I realized I needed to finish up the improved OPML importing 😇

But it’s finally ready today! There are still improvements I want to make on the importing screen but this should be a good starting point.

New Import Screen

Importing OPML files previously showed a progress spinner next to the “Import” button the the settings screen. It worked okay but not for large OPML files that take more than a few seconds. This version introduces a new import screen that shows the progress along with errors. This might get upgraded later to deselect feeds that you don’t actually want to import 🤷‍♂️


WIDGETS WIDGETS WIDGETS! This first widget is the “Unread” widget which shows the number of unread articles and the number of feeds that have unread articles. You can optionally select a specific folder in the widget configuration!

Do you have any idea for a different widget type? Let me know! I’d be happy to add more widgets 😀


Making widgets lead to some unplanned shortcut development 🙃 Right now there are four shortcuts:

  • Discover Feeds
  • List Folders
  • List Feeds
  • Refresh Feed
  • Subscribe Feeed

There are three example of how to use these shortcuts here